Red Castle Rocks over Bare Pass
The Big Piney/Marbleton Stage of the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race (IPSSSDR) was held on Thursday & Friday, February 6th & 7th. The race is done in 'stages' with a leg run in a new town every day of the race, giving local communities an opportunity to hold events and meet the mushers. The race ended February 8th in Evanston with Blayne 'Buddy' Streeper from Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, successfully defended his title with an overall time of 27 hours, 45 minutes and 28 seconds, over 15 minutes in front of the next competitor. Click on this link for photos from the Big Piney/Marbleton Stage Stop race. Click on this link to go to the event website: Photo by Chris Havener.
Memorial Funeral Service for Bettine Moore Close Feb. 28th
Wyoming Range mule deer being studied
Upper Green River Watershed Study released
BLM Pinedale Anticline annual planning meetings Feb. 19 in Pinedale
Sweetheart (or not) dance classes at the Big Piney Library in February
Local Contact Numbers
Sublette County Fair
Green River Valley Museum
Chuckwagon Days
Local Lodging
Camping near Big Piney & Marbleton
Big Piney & Marbleton

Memorial Funeral Service for Bettine Moore Close Feb. 28th (posted 2/24/15)

A memorial funeral service for Bettine Moore Close, 90, of Big Piney, Wyoming will be held Saturday February 28, at 11:00 A.M. at the Marbleton Senior Center. A reception will follow the services there at the Senior Center.

Wyoming Range mule deer being studied (posted 2/18/15)
Providing info on habitat, migration patterns, winter and summer ranges

LA BARGE, WYOMING – A study involving the Wyoming Range mule deer herd in western Wyoming is yielding important information that is helping biologists learn more about the needs of the deer that inhabit the area.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been collaring mule deer in the winter ranges near LaBarge, Kemmerer and Evanston with the goal to fit radio collars on 70 does in these areas to determine habitats preferred by the deer. Once habitat usage is documented, wildlife managers will be able to assess the nutritional carrying capacity of the population to better determine how many deer the landscape can support in a given year. Also important are migration routes and stopover areas the deer use as they depart winter ranges on their annual migration to summer ranges.

To date, wildlife managers have identified important migration corridors from critical winter ranges in the LaBarage area to summer ranges in the Greys River and Wyoming Range and Salt Ranges. There has also been a substantial migration documented for deer that spend the winter by Evanston and travel into the Greys River and Salt Ranges as well—a distance of at least 150-160 miles.

Gary Fralick, Game and Fish biologist whose responsibilities include the Wyoming Range deer herd said, "Stopover areas are those areas deer pass through during their annual migration to summer ranges. These stopover areas are essential habitat components for the animals to refuel and begin to replenish fat reserves after spending six months on sagebrush winter ranges. Migrations are very energetically demanding and it is important for the does to be in good physical condition prior to the parturition period."

Fralick said that stopover areas allow the pregnant does to maximize the green succulent grasses and forbs that provide necessary nutrition to allow does to produce viable and healthy fawns during the June birthing period.

"The body condition of the does is ultimately going to dictate how many fawns are recruited into the population," Fralick said. "This recruitment will determine the numbers of animals available for wildlife enthusiasts to view and what kind of hunting seasons can be expected in future years."

A positive indicator of the age group variety of the Wyoming range herd over the last three years has been provided by hunter harvest data.

"We’ve seen quite a variation in the number of age classes of bucks being harvested," Fralick said. "This indicates that the age classes of these animals when they were fawns, come through the winter in good shape."

Fralick said the winter so far is shaping up to be another good year for deer but cautioned there are still several months of winter left that could affect the population.

"But, unless the severity of the winter is substantial in the next few months, the deer now on the winter ranges should have a high survival rate. To finish off the winter, we will be hoping for spring precipitation with the resulting plant growth the deer need during the annual migration from their winter to summer ranges," Fralick said.

Upper Green River Watershed Study released (posted 2/4/15)
Public meeting in Marbleton Feb. 11
The Sublette County Conservation District, Wyoming Water Development Commission, and Sunrise Engineering are pleased to announce the release of the Upper Green River Watershed Level 1 Study.

An overview of the study results will be presented at a public meeting at the Marbleton Town Hall at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 11.

The Level 1 Study is a comprehensive look at the Upper Green River Watershed above Fontenelle Creek, with the exception of the New Fork drainage. The study effort presents findings regarding inventory of the lands resources, and waters of the watershed; as well as the infrastructure employed to manage waters, opportunities for development and rehabilitation, and many other topics. It also aggregates and summarizes all previous water studies done in the watershed.

Hard copies of the study are available at Pinedale and Big Piney public libraries and the offices of the Sublette County Conservation District. Digital copies can also be requested from the Conservation District, 1625 W. Pine St. in Pinedale, 307-367-2257,

Related Links: Sublette County Conservation District

BLM Pinedale Anticline annual planning meetings Feb. 19 in Pinedale (posted 2/4/15)
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will hold combined Pinedale Anticline Project Area wildlife, air, water and operator planning meetings on Thursday, Feb. 19 at the BLM Pinedale Field Office, 1625 W. Pine St., Pinedale, WY from 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. There will be a lunch break for about an hour, but lunch will not be provided.

In the past, separate meetings on different days covered all the topics, but this year all the topics are being covered on the same day (Feb. 19) in two sessions (morning and afternoon).

The morning session (8 a.m. – noon) is the annual wildlife planning meeting. Topics include: required wildlife monitoring, proposed adaptive management that may reduce required wildlife monitoring and summaries relating to the Mesa Fertilization and Sublette Mule Deer Mitigation projects.

The afternoon session (1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.) is the annual air, water and operator meeting(s). Topics include: socioeconomics, air quality, water quality/monitoring and operator development projections and reports.

The two session meetings are open to the public who will have opportunities for questions and comments.

For a complete agenda or for more information, please visit:
or contact Eric Decker at 307-367-5386.

Sweetheart (or not) dance classes at the Big Piney Library in February (posted 1/29/15)
The Big Piney Library is offering free dance classes in February on Wednesday evenings. Classes will be held at the Library, 106 Fish Street, on Feb. 4, 11, 18 & 25th from 5:30 – 7:00PM. Bring your sweetheart (or not) and learn the rumba, waltz, salsa and more. Couples and singles are welcome: fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, etc. Refreshments provided. For more information contact the Big Piney library, 307-276-3515,

Local Contact Numbers
Big Piney Town Hall
PO Box 70
Big Piney, WY 83113
Mayor: Phillip Smith

Marbleton Town Hall
10700 US 189
Marbleton, WY 83113
Mayor: Jim Robinson

Flicks & Pins Entertainment Center
Open Sunday through Thursday from 3:00PM to 10:00PM
Friday & Saturday 3:00PM to Midnight
Phone 307-276-4062 for movie times

Big Piney Ranger District
Bridger-Teton National Forest
P.O. Box 218
Big Piney, WY, 83113
307-276-3375 or 276-5800/5200
Fax: 307-739-5235/276-5835

Sublette County Courthouse
21 S Tyler, Pinedale, WY 82941
Big Piney Direct Line 307-276-3827
Marbleton Annex 307-276-3735
Pinedale Information: 307-367-7722

Sublette County Sheriff's Department
PO Box 701
Pinedale, WY 82941
Marbleton: 307-276-5448
Pinedale: 307-367-4378

Big Piney Post Office
401 Budd Avenue

Sublette County School District #9
Superintendent's Office: 307-276-3322
Big Piney High School: 307-276-3324
Big Piney Middle School: 307-276-3315
Big Piney Elementary School: 307-276-3313
Big Piney Pool: 307-276-9966

Southwest Sublette County Pioneers Senior Citizen Center
429 E First St, Marbleton, WY
P.O. Box 33
Big Piney, WY 83113
Phone: (307) 276-3249
Fax (307) 276-3249
Open 8:00am to 4:00pm
Lunch at 12:00 noon Tue. Wed. Thurs. (starting July 1, 2008)
Joan Mitchell / Director

Green River Valley Cowbelles

More Area Information:
Sublette County Chamber of Commerce (Pinedale)
307-367-2242 or 1-888-285-7282 (Pinedale Online!)
307-276-5699 or 307-360-7689 (days, evenings, weekends ok)

Sublette County Fair
July - August
The Sublette County Fair is packed with entertainment and fun. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the many highlights is the Lil' Buckaroo Rodeo. The audience holds their breath as these young cowboys and cowgirls try their hand at bronc riding. The evening ends with the youngest contestants competing in the stick horse barrel race. The greased pig contest is another favorite, the crowd roars with laughter watching the wave a kids overtaking the slimy critters.

Spend some time viewing the livestock shows and watch the participants as they receive their awards for a job well done. Enjoy the wonderful food which some how tastes more delicious in the atmosphere of the fair festivities. Finish the night off at the rodeos with many local cowboys and cowgirls participating in the fast paced events. Visit the Sublette County Fair web page to enjoy pictures from previous years fairs.

For more information visit -

Green River Valley Museum
Open June through October
The Green River Valley Museum is located on the main street in Big Piney. Artifacts from prehistoric Indians, pioneers, homesteaders and other various groups that have settled this area are on display at the museum. Many of the items displayed at the museum were donated by local families. 'Hard Hats and Stetsons' is the annual fundraiser for the museum. The name of the fundraiser itself reflects how important the cattle and oil industry have been for this valley.

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00 Noon until 4:00 PM from June into October (opening date varies, so watch for announcements on the specific date each year). Admission is by donation. Special tours can be arranged by calling Museum Director Jeannie Lockwood at 307-276-3637.

For more information visit

Chuckwagon Days
Over July 4th
Chuckwagon Days takes place each year over the 4th of July holiday in Big Piney. There is a Lil' Buckaroo Rodeo, a parade down Big Piney's main street followed by a free BBQ at the Sublette County Fairgrounds, an afternoon rodeo, street dance and late evening fireworks (on the 4th).

The "Chuckwagon Chug" a 5k and 10k Walk/Run, will be held on July 4th, before the Big Piney Parade. Start/Finish is at the Big Piney High School parking lot. There will be prizes for top finishers and gift bags for all contestants.

More information about Chuckwagon Days can be found here:

Local Lodging
If you are looking for local lodging and places to stay in the Big Piney-Marbleton areas, be sure to check the Sublette County Chamber of Commerce website under lodging. Big Piney and Marbleton are located about 35 miles south of Pinedale, so look under motels, RV parks and campgrounds specific to our towns.
Lodging Links:
Bed & Breakfasts, Cabins, Motels, Guest Ranches, RV

Camping near Big Piney & Marbleton
The closest campgrounds are located on the Big Piney Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. They offer two developed campgrounds and many opportunities for dispersed camping in the Wyoming Range west of Big Piney and Marbleton. The forest boundary is approximately 20 miles from local businesses and town services. For detailed information, contact the district office at 307-276-3375.

Sacajewea Campground Located 25 miles west of Big Piney. This campground has 26 sites, basic amenities, and is open June 15th through September 30th. The camping fee is $7.00 per site, per night. This campground has running water, an on-site host, and is well maintained. No electricity, showers or phone.

Middle Piney Lake Campground This is a primitive campground located further down the road from the Sacajewea Campground. This camp area is next to Middle Piney Lake and has 5 tent sites, tables and pit toilets. NO running water, electricity, showers or phone service. NO fees. Because of the narrow winding road to this campground, it is not recommended to take trailers to the lake site.

Forest Service Cabins Big Piney Ranger District offers two Forest Service work centers for rent for overnight stays. One is located at Snider Basin and the other in the Hoback. Contact the Big Piney office for more information on availability and fees.

NOTICE ABOUT BEARS: These campgrounds are in bear country. Both black bears and grizzly bears inhabit the Wyoming mountain range. Visitors are strongly encouraged to practice clean camping techniques and store attractants in a manner that makes them unavailable to bears. Bear-proof canisters are available for rent from the Big Piney Ranger District office. Bear-proof dumpsters are located at various locations at campgrounds and recreation areas on National Forest land.

Dispersed Camping:
There are practically unlimited opportunities for dispersed camping on the Bridger-Teton National Forest near Big Piney/Marbleton. The forest boundary is approximately 20 miles from town. Stay limit is 16 days in any one location. Campers should either bring their own water or boil water obtained from sources in the outdoors to avoid getting sick from organisms that live in lakes and streams. Do not drink untreated surface water. Dispersed camping is available along the Piney, Cottonwood and LaBarge Creek drainages.

Camping on BLM land
There are no developed campgrounds on BLM land near Big Piney or Marbleton, however there are many places for dispersed camping for those who are prepared to bring their own drinking water and camp without developed facilities. For more information, contact the Pinedale Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management in Pinedale.

Private RV Campgrounds
There are several private businesses that offer RV campsites for overnight and extended stays. Most have power, water and sewer hookups. Click here to our sister website, Pinedale Online, for info about private RV campgrounds and services.

Related Links:
Bridger-Teton National Forest/Big Piney Ranger District
Sublette County Chamber of Commerce photo
Big Piney, Wyoming, "Ice Box of the Nation"

Big Piney & Marbleton
Ice Box of the Nation
Big Piney is the oldest settlement in Sublette County, Wyoming and was named by Dan B. Budd for the Piney Creeks. In 1879, Daniel B. Budd and his partner Hugh McKay brought a thousand head of cattle from Nevada hoping to ship them at Point of Rocks, but winter caught up to them here in the Green River Valley. The following year Dan Budd moved his family here and that is how the settlement of this town began. Big Piney was called "Ice Box of the Nation" when it was officially made a weather station in 1930. Big Piney had the coldest year round average temperature of any place nationally.

It's a curiosity, considering most Wyoming towns are few and far between, that Big Piney and Marbleton would only be a mile apart. They have separate post offices and town governments. Big Piney was incorporated on July 5, 1913. In the early days there was a lot of drainage problems with the site on which Big Piney was built. So Charles Budd, eldest son to Dan B Budd had hope to build the town up on the bench to alleviate this problem. Charles did establish Marbleton on the bench, in late 1913, but it never replaced Big Piney. Any attempts to combine the two towns has been unsuccessful. The truth is people here kinda' like it that way. Both towns cooperate with each other, they have a common school. The citizens of these two towns take a lot of pride in the growth of their little metropolis over the past years and think the founders would be proud too. Both communities have thrived in the last several decades because of the oil and gas industry. In the 1980's Marbleton recieved it's own post office, because of the number of people moving to the area.

To contribute information to this community website,
please e-mail: or
Phone: 307-276-5699 • Fax: 307-276-5414

Current Conditions

Weather from Weather Underground
Big Piney Weather (NWS)

Webcam view of US 189 north of Marbleton
Webcam view of US 189 north of Marbleton, view looking north from Fairgrounds

Webcam view of US 189 north of Marbleton, view looking south towards Marbleton & Big Piney
Webcam view of US 189 north of Marbleton, looking south from Fairgrounds

Webcam view of US 189 north of Marbleton, view looking south towards Marbleton & Big Piney
Webcam view of Hwy 351 north of Marbleton, at junction with US 189, view looking east

Upcoming Events

February 19: CAH Informational session at the Sublette County Clinics At both the Pinedale and Marbleton Clinics for the public to stop by and learn more about the status of the Critical Access Hospital and ask questions. The sessions will be held on Thursdays during the month of February and run from 12-1p and 5-6pm.

February 20-21: Wrestling Regionals In Big Piney, time and location TBA

February 23: Share the Love Food Drive pick-up Food drive sponsored by Sublette County 4-H. They have placed boxes in locations all over Big Piney, La Barge, and Pinedale for people to donate for local food closets. This year's goal is 1,000 pounds of food. For more information call William Shafer at 307-276-3526 or email

February 25: Sweetheart (or not) dance classes at the Big Piney Library Last of the free dance classes in February on Wednesday evenings. Class will be held at the Library, 106 Fish Street, from 5:30 – 7:00PM. Bring your sweetheart (or not) and learn the rumba, waltz, salsa and more. Couples and singles are welcome: fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, etc. Refreshments provided. For more information contact the Big Piney library, 307-276-3515,

March 6 & 7: Green River Valley Cattleman's Association Annual Meetings and Banquet Meetings at 1PM on Friday and Saturday at the Marbleton Town Hall. Banquet Saturday night at the Southwest Sublette County Pioneers Senior Center. Cash Bar 5:30PM. Prime Rib or Half Chicken Dinner, 6PM. Live music by Jared Rogerson and the Ryegrass Ridgers. Tickets $35/person available at the Cowboy Shop or Office Outlet stores. Public invited. Membership not required. Contact Kim Bright for moe info, 307-231-2975.

March 18: Sublette Co Recreation Board Budget Request Hearing in Marbleton Wednesday, at 6:30 pm in the Marbleton Town Hall. A representative of your project/organization must attend one of the budget hearings and provide, 11 copies of the completed grant application, list of items requested in order of priority, profit/loss statement and balance sheet. Request packets should only be four pages or less. Grant applications can be obtained by contacting Board Clerk, Betty Cheeney at 307-367-6444. Grant applications will not be accepted after March 18, 2015. More info

April 8: Blood Draws in LaBarge for Big Piney Health Fair Nurses for Community Health will be doing blood draws for the Health Fair in Big Piney on April 8th 6am to 9am at the Senior Center. Contact Tonya Hoffman at 307-390-8100 or Mary Said 307-276-4100 for questions. Please remember to fast at least 8-12 hrs, you may drink water before your draw.

April 9 & 10: Blood Draws in Big Piney for Big Piney Health Fair Nurses for Community Health will be doing blood draws for the Health Fair in Big Piney on April 9th and 10th, 6am to 9am at the Senior Center. They will do blood draws in LaBarge on April 8th 6am to 9am at the Senior Center. Contact Tonya Hoffman at 307-390-8100 or Mary Said 307-276-4100 for questions. Please remember to fast at least 8-12 hrs, you may drink water before your draw.

April 25: Spring Fair St the Sublette County Fairgrounds, north of Big Piney.

June 18: Farmers Markets resume on Thursday for the summer The Marbleton/Big Piney Markets will be held Thursday mornings from 11:00am to 1:30ish on the lawn in front of the Marbleton Town Hall. The Pinedale Market on the Green will be held on the Courthouse Green on Pine Street at the corner of South Fremont on Thursday afternoons from 3pm to 6:30ish. For more info email

July 3 & 4: Big Piney/Marbleton Chuckwagon Days - 4th of July celebration Morning parade down Budd Avenue in Big Piney, Little Buckaroo Rodeo, free community BBQ lunch at the Sublette County Fairgrounds, Rodeo, fireworks at dusk, night street dance in Big Piney.

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