Bertram's Barn

(Photo courtesy of Marj Guio)
This barn belonged to Chrismans but was used by Bertrams for their cows, so was commonly called Bertram's Barn.  Nadine Chrisman said at one point it was a livery stable run by a man named Black who was a relative of Joe Chrisman.

 In the same vicinity the Newcombs had a lumber business.  The following is copied from the May 20, 1920 Big Piney Examiner:

R.V. Newcomb and brother A.P. Newcomb arrived in town Monday evening from Rock Springs and will start into the lumber business on the lots opposite the Big Piney Blacksmith Shop.  The old hay and grain shed which stands on that site will be used for a temporary office.  Mr. Newcomb says that they will handle all kinds of building material and supplies, hay, grain and coal.  The name for this new enterprise will be the Big Piney Lumber and Supply Co. 
     Mr. Newcomb states that he will also do engineering work as well as handle lumber.  The opening of a business of this nature is a move in the right direction as this is what Piney has been in need of for a long time, and we wish it every success.

Sources: Marj Guio
Nadine Chrisman
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Big Piney Examiner, May 20, 1920