Big Piney Blacksmith Shop

                                                                      (Photo courtesy of Marj Guio)
Tony and Theresa Subic bought the Big Piney Blacksmith Shop that Anton Wacak had built in 1915 between their home and the Big Piney Garage.  After WWII it became exclusively a welding shop because there was no longer the demand for such things as homemade horseshoes and tools.
                                                                                               (Photo courtesy of Marj Guio)
Anton Subic
Article from The Big Piney Examiner Nov. 10, 1915:
A deal that went through and was transacted in Big Piney the past week, and one of interest to the community was the selling of the Chas Walker interests to Steve Daniels.  The deal comprises the lots of Mr. Walker and also the large barn known as the White Livery and Feed Stables.  Mr. Daniels will take hold immediately, and is planning on hauling hay from the ranch in the future and will also bring from the ranch a supply of livery and saddle horses.  The barn will be open for business soon, and it is planned, we understood, that Mr. Daniels will build a home here in the city on one of the lots that he has purchased.
This barn is located between Piney Drive and Smith Avenue.  The deal comprises all of block 20, which is located in the north-eastern edge of town;  is fronted on Mickelson Ave.  Mr. Daniels has also got other valuable property in Big Piney, -- owning lot 15 in block 16, which faces Budd Ave.  The barn is plenty large enough to handle a share of the trade and we wish Steve success in his new venture.
(Ad from "Big Piney Examiner," Feb. 9, 1922)
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