My Family

I've loved all my children
Their voices so sweet,
Their toys and small plunder
All strewed at my feet.

I've loved them, and dressed them,
And cuddled them, too,
I've tied their blond hair
With ribbons of blue.

I've polished their boots
And mended jeans, too,
Of brave little men
While like "Daddy" they grew.

They are real and true
Though no one else knows,
The love of a Mother
Who must just suppose.

I've watched them grow
Into women and men,
It's only a dream,
But it isn't a sin.

                                                                      Reta Whitman Carr

Line Up and Take Your Turn

It's line up at the training camp
For everything you do.
You may not believe me
But I'm telling you it's true.
It's line up alphabetically
By squads, or any way,
But always line up promptly
Whenever non-coms say.
It's line up for inspection
And it's line up when you eat,
It's line up for revelie
And line up for retreat.

Line up to get your outfit
For each and every piece.
Line up for vaccination,
Line up and sign for pay roll,
And line up to get your pay.
Line up to get a haircut
Just before inspection day.
Line up at the infirmary
To get your aspirin pills
And a glass of mineral water
For your real or fancied ills.

It's line up at the liberty
To see the movie vamp,
It's line up at the buses
When you're going out of camp.

It's line up at the counter
For your favorite Chocolate bar.
It's line up for this,
Or line up for that,
No matter where you are.

And when our time comes
And we are bumped off,
It will be just our fate
To line up for eternity
At the Pearly Gate.

                                                            Bill Carr

Source: Hopes, Dreams and Memories, p. 8, 9, 16