Erickson's Cafe
Lewis Wilson Sr. in the cafe
Lewis Wilson, Sr. with California deer hunters in Erickson's Cafe
                                                                   (Photo courtesy of Lewis Wilson)
Lewis Wilson thinks this building was built by George and Mabel Wilson in the 20's or early 30's.  In 1935 Mabel remodeled her home and started a cafe.  Mabel is on the right in the above photo taken inside the cafe with her daughter-in-law, Anna, grandson, Lewis Wilson, and Lewis's niece, Lori holding her baby.  George bought and sold furs on the left hand side while Mabel had a cafe on the right.  Mabel married Gus Erickson in 1937.  According to Muriel Gray, the second picture is part of the inside of the building in 1922 and at that time was Mae and Martha Whitman's Candy Store and Grocery Store.  The woman is Mae Whitman, mother of Mae and Martha, shown in the picture below.
                                                                           (Photo from Martha's Wyoming Pioneer Cookbook)
(Ad from "Big Piney Examiner," Feb. 9, 1922)


These buildings were located in back of Erickson's Cafe and are all that's left after the recent fire.
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