The Early School on North Piney

                                                                                                                              (Photo from Wyoming's Own, p. 228)
School district #18, Uinta County, was organized in September 1887. This was the first school in Big Piney. It was taught by Marion Scholes who was from Atchinson, Kansas. The second teacher was Mrs. Gill, who was also from Atchinson. These ladies lived with the Budds.   

This school building was erected in 1888 on a little flat above the North Piney Creek about one half of a mile west of the Budd's on their land. It was made of logs with a dirt roof. It was one room approximately 14' by 18'. It had regular windows with small panes on the west and east sides and a door and window on the south. The furnishings were made of rough lumber. The desks were tables, with a shelf underneath for books and a bench long enough to seat two children. There was a hand dug well 15' deep with platform and pump but gophers fell into the well making it unfit to drink. Water was then carried from the creek below. This school was used until about 1904.  

Source:  More Tales of the Seeds-Ke-Dee, p. 145