Big Piney Garage

(Photo courtesy of The Big Piney Examiner, June 28, 1984)

                                                   (Photo courtesy of Martha's Wyoming Pioneer Cookbook)
This photo shows the Bucket of Blood in the center background with the Big Piney Garage on the left.  The caption reads, "The first cars brought to Big Piney on sleds byGeorge Whitman, 1911, in front of garage at Big Piney, Wyoming."  George Whitman was better known as Gull.

                                                          (Photo from Bill Cox collection courtesy of Lewis Wilson)

The Big Piney Garage was open about 1912 or 1913 owned by Mr. Lawrence Bess and Gull Whitman, who later sold to Walter Yose, Sr..  Later Irwin Covey owned it, then George Barp.  Opal Ray, in "Call Back Yesterday," page 198, can remember only two cars when she came to Big Piney in 1912: A.W. Smith's Pierce Arrow and Gull Whitman's Ford.
                                                                          (Photo courtesy of "Kemmerer Camera," 1918)
                                                                                                (Photo courtesy of Helen Atwood)


(Ad from "Big Piney Examiner," Feb. 9, 1922)
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