The E.D. Key House

(Photo from Dudley Key collection courtesy of Jonita Sommers)

                                                                                                                                  (Photo courtesy of Dudley Key)

This was the home of E.D. Key.  It was built about 1902 and these two pictures show the original house and the way it presently appears.  Dick, as he was called, was a friend of Dan Jr. from St. Joseph, Missouri where Dan Jr. had been to live with his relatives and attend business school.  He had contracted tuberculosis and Dan persuaded him to come to Wyoming with him.  He lived with the Budds and married Addie Vandvort from Daniel.  He helped run the Mercantile for Dan B. Budd and bought this house for his bride.  Later he bought an interest in the Daniel Mercantile from Zeph Jones and operated it with Zeph's son, Arch.  Later he bought Arch's interest also.  He entirely overcame his tuberculosis in the healthy invigorating Wyoming climate. 
[Sublette County Journal story of the Daniel Store]
                                                               (Photo courtesy of Nancy Espenscheid)
Dick Key
(Photo from Dudley Key collection courtesy of Jonita Sommers)
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                     County Records
              Dudley Key