Otto Leifer

(Photo from the Gallemore collection courtesy of the Green River Valley Museum)
Otto Leifer came to the Big Piney area in 1878 with the Edward Swan family and they homesteaded side by side west of the present town.  Leifer's brand was 0 and his ranch was called the Circle.  His cabin, the oldest in Sublette County, is now the Miller cookhouse.  His brand along with Swan's PL are the oldest brands. 
Otto Leifer was born in Germany in 1840.  His mother died and his father, Jacob, took him to the United States when he was four years old, settling in Winchester, Virginia.  When he was nine, his father went back to Germany but left Otto.  He was raised by James Cather.  In 1861 at twenty-one years old, Otto moved to Iowa and attended school.  The following year he went by wagon to Oregon.  For the next few years he worked at a variety of enterprises, mining, ranching and freighting for the government, before coming to the Piney area.
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Sources: Otto Leifer's personal papers housed at the GRVM 
More Tales of the Seeds-Ke-Dee, p. 121-124