"A Short History"
from Martha's Wyoming Pioneer Cookbook
by Martha Whitman Fehlman
    I was born in a log cabin at Big Piney, Wyoming, and have lived all my life in Wyoming.  I am very proud of my western heritage.
    My father and mother both came to Wyoming in a covered wagon.  My mother, Mae Bess, and her folks came from Utah when she was a young girl.
    My father, George Whitman, came with his folks from Texas in March, 1888.  They traveled across the plains with 25 people and 400 head of horses.  They settled for the winter at the mouth of the Green River, Wyoming.  He tells in his diary of hunting deer and selling them for 6 cents a pound.
    Wyoming was covered with deer, elk and antelope at that time.  There were not many white people, mostly Indians and half breeds.  In 1904 my folks were married.  They took a covered wagon and for their honeymoon they toured Yellowstone Park.  It took them a month but they really did see the sights of nature.
    We lived on a homestead at LaBarge, Wyoming.  When I was 7 years old we moved to Big Piney so I could go to school.  My sister, Mae, my brother, Arnold, and I all graduated from Big Piney High School.  I had the grocery store and candy kitchen until I was married to Byron Fehlman.  In 1940 Byron and I bought a piece of land in Cody, Wyoming, and built a motel;  we called it The Covered Wagon.  The Covered Wagon has played an important part in my life.  We owned and operated the motel for 32 years.  Mr. Fehlman passed away in 1964.  I continued with the motel unstil 1971.  I am retired but so far I am not tired.