Opal Ray

(Photo from Wyoming's Own, p.211)
Opal and her family moved to Wyoming from drought-striken Kansas in January of 1912 at the urging of agents from the Uinta County Irrigation Project.  Her father,  Ira Hakes, worked in the mines near Kemmerer that winter, then moved his family to Marbleton in March.  At that time Charlie Budd was trying to promote the building of Marbleton and there was a lot of activity in the area mainly due to the irrigation project on Muddy.
Opal's parents bought a two-room log cabin and her mother started a boarding house where as many as 30 men would eat at one time on a long table covered with oil cloth.  The walls were covered with newspapers and the floor was rough pine boards.  She was also postmistress and this was done in one corner of the living room.  She managed the Marbleton Hotel when it was built in 1913 for a short time then went back to her log cabin and started a chili parlor where she served chili and pie.  Her father fenced his homestead on Muddy but, instead of building a house there, began hauling freight from Opal.
Source:  Wyoming's Own, p. 197-210