(Photo from GRVM)
Link Shideler and his wife, Emma, return from their honeymoon.
   Anna Shideler moved to Big Piney from Colorado in the early 1890's after her husband died, bringing her three young sons, Elias (Link), Ves and Walter, with her.  John Angus was also her son and he had come earlier and was working on the 67 ranch.  She got a job cooking for Ez Swan.
   Elias married Emma Black in 1898.  She had come here from Texas to live with her brothers after her parents were killed in a train wreck.  One of her brothers was Jim Black who later built the first livery stable in Big Piney.  They took up a homestead three miles west of town and had five children, Mervin, Lorena (Carr), Florence, Minnie and Rosie.  Emma stepped on a rusty nail and died of blood poisoning when Lorena was six years old.   Her grandmother helped for two years then Lorena took over all the household chores and the care of her three younger sisters.
   Elias got his nickname Link because he played for all the dances and spent a lot of time in town at night.  In order to find him Emma would call on the party line which was anything but private and everyone started referring to him as the missing link.
   In June, 1921, Lorena married Guy Carr and they became the parents of Guy, Jr., Edward, Boyd, and Jim.  They worked at several different jobs before settling in Big Piney where Guy was a police officer and Lorena was the weather lady for 35 years.

                                                                          (Photo courtesy of Joe Murdock)
Lorena is pictured with Joe and Pat Murdock.  Guy and Lorena worked for Mary Murdock at her ranch for a time.

Emma's grave at Plainview Cemetary in Big Piney

Elias's grave at Plainview Cemetary in Big Piney
Source:  More Tales of the Seeds-Ke-Dee, p. 174-178