The Sommers Home
This home, owned by the Miley family, sits on the same lot as the original Sommers home.
Albert P. Sommers bought the land for this home February 4, 1919.  Mrs. Dunham bought it from the Sommers family and it is now owned by her daughter, Flora Miley. 
    The Sommers family consisted of "Prof" and his wife, May McAllister Sommers, and their children, John, Bud, Florence (Jensen) and Martha (Hittle).  They lived on a ranch between Big Piney and Pinedale, moving to town in the winter so the children could attend school.  They kept a milk cow in town with them in the winter.  Prof had the mail contract from 1922 to 1926 from Big Piney to Pinedale and he kept his horses in a barn on the place, too.  About 1931 they sold the home in Big Piney and began sending the children to school in Pinedale. 
Biography of Albert P. Sommers and May McAlister Sommers
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