The L.D. Tanner House


(photo courtesy of John Tanner)


                                                      (Photo courtesy of The Big Piney Examiner, June 28, 1984)

This photo was taken during haying on the Miller place in 1915.  Roughly from the left are Lydia Tanner, Clair Tanner in the hay, Mildred Mickelson Miller, Francis Tanner, Kathryn Budd, L.D. Tanner holding Beth and M.O. Mickelson in the hay.



(Photo from GRVM courtesy of Nancy Budd Espenscheid)
Helen Tanner, John Budd, John Tanner, Lulu Budd, Joe Budd, Ruth Budd, Francis Tanner
Mary Budd, Dick Tanner, Betty Budd, Bob Tanner and Nancy Budd