Big Piney High School Football
Final: Big Piney 37 - Pinedale 8
October 21, 2005

The Punchers cinched a playoff spot by beat Pinedale 37 to 8. They will play next Saturday at home. Big Piney scored their first touchdown in the first quarter on a Levi Greenwood run. In the second quarter the Punchers scored three more times. They had a touchdown and a field goal in the 4th quarter. The Wranglers scored their only points late in the fourth.

Big Piney rushed 48 times for 252 yards to Pinedale's 17 for 29. They had 18 first downs while Pinedale had 10. Levi Greenwood passed 21 times, connecting on 13 of them for 131 yards. Pinedale connected on 6 out of 30 attempts for 68 yards.

Gary Phillips intercepts a Pinedale pass

Brett Moffat lunges forward for a few more yards

Brett Moffat holds for Levi Greenwood's Field Goal

Joel Anderson runs a reverse around the right side

Levi Greenwood breaks loose with a block from Brady Parks

Nick Mackie

Seth Linn

Brady Parks, John Colton and Trevor Wilson surround the runner

Seth Linn follows his blockers

Levi Greenwood tries to out run Matt Lowseth

Parker Greenwood

Seth Linn

Puncher Offense

Levi Greenwood scores the first touchdown

October 21, 2005

Big Piney 37
Pinedale 8

Levi Greenwood