Marbleton Wyoming Webcam

Marbleton Wyoming Web Cam

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Marbleton Wyoming Webcam:
The Marbleton webcam went live in late May, 2005. It is located on top of a pole at the Obo's Market & Deli (formerly Short Stop) on the south end of Marbleton. The camera is pointed northeast looking across Hwy 189 towards the Marbleton Town Hall. The Wind River Mountains can be seen in the distance. The image is updated every 3 minutes.

Marbleton Obo's opened in late October 2008. They offer Sinclair gas and diesel fuel, a large convenience store with groceries and deli (open 7 days a week from 5 am to 11 pm). The self and full-serve laundry offers large capacity washers and dryers, ironing, starching and folding service. Public FAX and copier available.

Pictures from last 24 hours:
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Obo's Market & Deli in Marbleton
Obo's Market & Deli

Obo's Market & Deli in Marbleton

Located in Marbleton, Wyoming

Summer 2008 - Short Stop becomes Obo's Market & Deli

Construction progress in July 2008

6/15/06 Birds take over Marbleton web cam A bird decided to make the inside of the camera case a new home for its nest.

June 2006 camera view

This is what was found inside!

A bird got in through a small hole and stuffed the camera case full of nesting material.

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