The Atwood home

                                                                                 (photo courtesy of Helen Atwood)

                                                                       (photo courtesy of Helen Atwood)
This house was built by Albert Atwood from Boliver, Missouri.  He originally worked for the railroad in Kansas City, Missouri where he married Eva West in 1898.  He and his family moved west to Evanston where he worked on the Altamont railroad tunnel then on to Green River where he worked at a soda plant.  In 1909 he moved his family to Slate Creek to remodel an old hotel for the Graham stage stop, then on to Marbleton where he built the first three houses of the town.  During 1911 or 1912 he was able to buy a piece of land on Front Street in Big Piney.  There was a five-room log house on the lot which the Atwoods moved into.  The log home burned down in 1920. In his spare time he worked at building this bigger house. By this time his family consisted of Marie (Toots), Albert (Booster), Blenda (Blinky or Ben), Gladyce (Jack), Leonard (Pinky), Helen, and George.  During this time "Bert" also built the reservoir on the Reservoir Ranch, the three bridges over the Green, and Middle Piney Lake dam.  He also built the Episcopal Church.  Bert Atwood left Wyoming in 1923 finding it too lonely in Big Piney after his wife died during the flu epidemic.  The house was sold to Dr. Hockett who lived there for some time.  Cornelia and Clifton Fear bought the home from Mr. Hockett and lived there until they moved it across the river to the ranch called Reardon Place.  They continued to live in it for several years.  It is still being used today.
(photo courtesy of Helen Atwood)
 Albert Atwood is shown building the family home.
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