The Budd Hall
          (Photo from Wyoming Centennial Commemorative Cookbook courtesy of JerryAnn Chandler)
  This photo shows the Big Piney basketball team in front of Budd Hall about 1919.  Left to right are Orville Sims, George Moffat, Sellon Budd, Jess Budd, Jr., and Edward Spotts.
Jess and Dan Budd built an octagon-shaped dance hall in 1909 which housed a bank and school rooms as well as the large round dance hall in the back of the building with a stage for school plays and graduation exercises.  The fifth through the eighth grades were in an upstairs room.  The high school was in one room downstairs from 1913 until 1915 when the block school was finished.  This building also housed the Big Piney Examiner and the telephone office.  It burned down in the early 1920's.
(Photo from GRVM courtesy of Helen Atwood)
BPHS 1st graduating class
(Ad from "Big Piney Examiner," Feb. 9, 1922)
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