The Block School
(Photo courtesy of Helen Atwood)
Grades 1-2         and Grades 3, 4, 5, Junior, and High School 

The large building pictured above was called the block school.   It was a two story cement block building built at a cost of $11,000.   It had four rooms.   The upstairs housed the junior and senior high and the downstairs housed elementary grades.  The first graduating class in 1915 included Ursula Tanner, Cornelia O'Neil and Ellen Swanstrom.  Later the log building, originally a school on North Piney, was put by the side for the first and second grades.  Andrew Forbes was the plasterer and Andy Colling was the morter mixer and the hod carrier.   The building was torn down in 1951 by James Bertram

Class of 1931
Class of 1933
Class of 1934
                                                                       (Photo courtesy of Marj Guio)
Source: The Big Piney Examiner, Apr. 4, 1951 
They Made Wyoming Their Own, 116