The Gray Inn



According to Reta Carr in her article, Cowtown, on page 115 of They Made Wyoming Their Own, Walter Shideler ran a barber shop in the Mountain Home Hotel building.  The hotel burnt down in 1912.  Shideler then built a new home and barber shop on the main street, newly named Budd Avenue.  He later sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fredell, who sold it to Mrs. Lena Gray in 1917.   The county records report that Pete McGlashan sold the lots to Joseph Fredell Oct. 3, 1913 for $400.  The building was built in 1913 and probably finished in 1914.  Joseph Fredell sold it to Lena Gray in 1917 for $3800.  She operated it as the Gray Inn until she sold it to Mrs. Henry McDonald in the early twenties, and the name was changed to the Cottage Hotel.  Mrs. Clara Stacy bought it later and sold in a few years to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gurney.  Later it was owned and operated by Mrs. Loretta Garris, who then sold it to Harold Wilder.  The building was torn down June 20, 1998.  Pictures of it being torn down can be seen by clicking here.

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Helen Atwood