The McGlashan House


According to his obituary, Pete McGlashan was born Aug. 29, 1869, in Thomasville, Georgia, married Grace Hesser in 1910 at Chicago then moved to Cody, Wyoming.  In January of 1911, he went to Cheyenne and served for a time as deputy Secretary of State then moved to Big Piney in 1912.  He ran the State Bank of Big Piney for about a year when it was first established.  He also ran the bank which was brought down from Marbleton and laid out the townsite of Big Piney.  He became involved in the oil industry and, while traveling to Casper on oil business, had a car accident and died October 11, 1917.
Helena Linn wrote the following contribution:
 Paul Scherbel found and brought to Helena Linn an article from the Powell Tribune, April 24, 1909 issue. According to the article, C. P. McGlashan was the owner of a mercantile store in Powell and was chosen to manage the town's first baseball teams. Teams were made up of "north of the trackers" versus "south of the trackers" or the married men challenged the single men. In other games,  good-natured doctors, dentists, merchants, and bankers formed two teams of  "Fats" and "Leans".  The Powell teams were a resourceful mixture of homesteaders, townsmen and United States Reclamation Service employees. However, Mr. McGlashan didn't stay long in northern Wyoming. The History of Big Piney website show that he served as deputy Secretary of State in Cheyenne for about a year then moved to Big Piney in 1912. He only lived in Big Piney for five years before he died in an automobile accident on a business trip for his oil interests. But his legacy to Big Piney history remains.  He worked in the State Bank of Big Piney when it was first established. He also laid out the townsite of Big Piney and land he donated to the town is still known as the McGlashan Addition.
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