The Nichols Store
(Photo courtesy of Evelyn Nichols)
In 1898 Fred Reardon built a log store over the hill on the south side of the valley on part of what is now the Fear ranch.  Reardon's building was moved over to Big Piney in 1908 or 1909 by Frank Fear I.  In fact it was the third building in the later McGlashan Addition.  John Bollinger and Billie Mills rented Fear's building for a pool hall and barber shop.  Julia B. Nichols moved her store into the log building of the Fear's before 1912 and used the store building she had out northwest of town to build up the north end of the Fear building.  Fears sold the building in a few years to Frank Burney, who ran a store in it for one year and then put up a larger building across the street in 1914.
                                                                        (Photo courtesy of the Green River Valley Museum)
The building was sold to Dr. Merritt B. Hook between 1915 and 1917 and a drug store and fountain was established in it.  The ice cream was made by "Doc" H.C. Dunham on his ranch.  Doc packed it in ice and brought it to town regularly each week.  A hall was added to the east side of the building in 1920 and was used for a picture show every weekend.  The folding wooden chairs could easily be picked up and the floor cleared for public dances.  Dan Chapel remembers watching shows by peeking through the blinds.  The building was later owned by P.W. Jenkins who had an office upstairs.  Dr. Morgan, a dentist, leased the building and managed the drug store for some time.  Helen Atwood remembers Rosie Pearson working at the fountain with a pan of water heated on the coal stove which she used for washing the dishes from the fountain. 
George Nichols
(Photo courtesy of Evelyn Nichols)
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