Burney & Company
(Photo courtesy of Evelyn Nichols)
(Photo courtesy of Evelyn Nichols)
                                                              (Photo from Bill Cox collection courtesy of Lewis Wilson)
Harmison's freight wagon supplied the store from Opal.
Frank Burney ran a store in the Nichols Building for a year, then in 1914 built his own store on this site.  It stood for 50 years, being replaced in 1962 by the present building.  The older generations remember the pot-bellied stove which was a gathering place for everyone.  Nelse Christensen was a partner in the store, and Johnnie Stevens and Marie Farrell were employees for many years.  The third building down in the above photograph served as Schmit's Harness Shop at this location, and later as the first library.  Paul Scherbel also had the Soil Conservation Office in this building at one time.
(Ad from "Big Piney Examiner," Feb. 9, 1922)
                                                                                (Courtesy of Joe Murdock)
This is a bill dated Jan. 1, 1920, to Mrs. Mary Murdock.  There are two pairs of overalls for $1.90 each, garters for $.35, 2 pair of mittens for $1.50 each, one pair of shoes for  $2.00 and a second pair for $5.00, for a total of $14.15.
Burney Family Pictures
Burney Family
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