Charlie Clyde's Show and Dance Hall, Cafe, and Drug Store
This photo was found in "Western Wyoming", Feb. 11, 1938.
It was a supplement to the Kemmerer Gazette and the Kemmerer Camera.
                                                               (Photo courtesy of Helen Atwood)
This picture shows Marie Farrell in front.
(Photo courtesy of Joie Bradley Allen)
This shows Lucy Whitman Bradley, wife of Joe Bradley,  in front with Gunters' home in the background.
Charlie Clyde's Show and Dance Hall, Cafe, and Drug Store

Charlie Clyde was married to Mae Whitman and they had a son, Charlie.  His dance hall, cafe and drug store was built in the 20's and served the community in a variety of ways.  In the summer the Chautauqua (a show from New York) would come to town for a week or so to perform where the forest service building is currently located.  Some of the shows were later performed on the stage in Charlie's dance hall.  P.W. Jenkins leased the drug store part.  The high school boys played basketball on the upstairs floor in the dance hall.  It was also used for graduation ceremonies. This building was later taken down block by block. The blocks were used to build cabins up by Half Moon Lake. Charlie moved to Pinedale after his wife died.

(Photo courtesy of Joie Bradley Allen)
Charlie Clyde was taken care of mainly by Lucy Whitman Bradley and Reta Whitman Carr after his mother died.
Sources: Helen Atwood 
Joie Bradley Allen