The Heitz Emporium
                                                                                         (photo courtesy of Helen Atwood)
Heitz General Store, also known as the Emporium
Pictured in front is Albert Atwood and his dog Oh' boy.
The following is copied from The Kemmerer Gazette, July 3, 1913:
Contractor Atwood is fast drawing the new Heitz store building
to completion.  The carpenters have finished shingeling the roof
and they are now busy finishing the interior.
W.G. Heitz was the proprietor and sold soft drinks, ice cream, stationary, confectionery, tobacco, groceries, medicine, and notions. At one time Mr. Norris's butcher shop was also located in the store.  "Count" Vincent Jansky was the clerk there.  He was a jeweler out of Tiffany's in New York who came out here to be a cowboy.  He wasn't really a Count, but his New York accent and gentlemenly ways earned him the nickname.  He took up a homestead on the Rim then sold it and worked for various ranches and cooked for the Big Piney Roundup.
                                                                                                   (Photo courtesy of Helen Atwood)
                                                                          (Photo courtesy of "Kemmerer Camera," 1918)
Mr. Heitz appears in the picture.
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