The Jesse Budd Home


(photo courtesy of John Tanner)

This was the home of Jesse Budd, Jr., the son of Dan B. Budd.  It was built sometime before 1910.  Jesse Boyer Budd was born 24 December 1875 in Atchison, Kansas.  He married Mary Nester Dempsey on 19 June 1906 and died in California 15 December 1952.
                              (Photo courtesy of Annette Priddis)
This was taken looking south toward the Tanner home on the right and the Jesse Budd home on the left.
                                                                                                (Photo courtesy of Jonita Sommers)
This photo was taken in 1987 and shows the high school which was dedicated in 1952 on this site.  Bud Sommers is standing in front.
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