The L.D. Tanner House


                                                                                                  (photo courtesy of Helen Atwood)

                    (Photo from GRVM courtesy of Nancy Espenscheid)
L.D. Tanner
                                                                                          (Photo courtesy of Annette Priddis)
This was taken looking south toward the Tanner home on the right and the Jesse Budd home on the left.

This house was built by Albert Atwood sometime before 1900 and is still standing.  It  was the home of L.D. Tanner who moved into this area from Evanston.  He ran a mercantile next door, and later sold merchandise in part of the Budd store.  Later a new mercantile building was built at the corner of Budd Avenue and Nichols Street which finally burned and the Fine Arts Building was built on that site.  L.D. Tanner served as mortician and was the first Representative to the legislature.  His wife, Clair, was the first County Superintendent of Schools.

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